The Master’s in Consciousness Studies and the Certificate in Spiritual Education programs offer a distance education curriculum that was written by faculty who are content experts as well as, in most cases, university professors. The courses were authored, and are taught by, a graduate-level faculty who are well respected in their fields, published authors, trained researchers, and scholars who present the leading concepts and work being published in these fields.

Janelle M. Barlow, Ph.D. – Education, University of California-Berkeley. Program leader for TMI, an international human resource development company with offices in 30 countries.

Victoria Bomberry, Ph.D. – Dr. Bomberry holds a Ph.D. in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research.

Craig Chalquist, Ph.D. – Craig Chalquist holds a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Ecopsychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and is currently working on a second Ph.D. in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness. He has published several books, including Terrapsychological Inquiry: Restorying Our Relationship to Nature, Place, and Planet (Routledge, 2020). 

Will Coleman, Ph.D. – Graduate Theological Union (Philosophical Theology, Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Theological Hermeneutics), Berkeley, CA; Associate Professor, Interdenominational Theological Center (Atlanta, Georgia). Author of Tribal Talk: Black Theology, Hermeneutics and African/American Ways of “Telling the Story” (Penn State Press, 2000).

Christian de Quincey, Ph.D. – Philosophy & Religion, Syracuse University. Graduate of California Institute of Integral Studies, CA. He is Professor of Philosophy and Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University, faculty member at The Graduate Institute, Director of the Center for Interspecies Research. He is also cofounder of The Visionary Edge, committed to transforming global consciousness by transforming mass media. Dr. de Quincey is author of the award-winning book Radical Nature: Rediscovering the Soul of Matter and Radical Knowing: Understanding Consciousness through Relationship. Samples of his writings on consciousness and cosmology are available at www.deepspirit.com.

Devon Deimler, Ph.D. – Devon Deimler holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is an artist and scholar, as well as a teacher, and also acts as Curator of the OPUS Archives and Research Center at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is also the Scholar in Residence at Philosophical Research Society.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D. – Physics, University of Calcutta, India. Professor of Physics, University of Oregon. Author of Quantum Mechanics, Self-Aware Universe, Pioneer of Idealist Science, etc.

Laura Hallett, B.S., M.Ed., MCS. Professional educator, curriculum designer, artist, author, and licensed minister with Centers for Spiritual Living. Formerly Adjunct Professor for Masters Degree program in technology education, Grand Canyon University. 29 years in public education.

Stephan Hoeller, Ph.D. –  University of Innsbruck, Austria. Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion, University of Oriental Studies. Director, Gnostic Society, Los Angeles. Author of The Royal Road: A Manual of Kaballistic Meditation on the Tarot, The Gnostic Jung, Jung and the Lost Gospel.

Kim Kaiser, Ed.D. – Counseling & Educational Psychology, University of San Francisco. Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco.

Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. – Parapsychology, University of California-Berkeley. Director, Intuition Network. Author of The Roots of Consciousness and Thinking Allowed. Member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology, the American Psychological Association, the Society for Scientific Exploration and the Parapsychological Association.

Andrew Newberg, M.D. – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA.

Krista Noble, Ph.D. – Vedic Science, Maharishi University of Management

Dr. Todd Penner, Ph.D. – New Testament and Christian Origins, Emory University.

Yosef Rosen, Ph.D. – attended numerous traditional and innovative yeshivot in Israel. His research focuses both on the history of Midrash and Medieval Kabbalah.

Martin L. Rossman, M.D. – University of Michigan Medical School. Clinical Associate, Department of Medicine, UC Medical Center, San Francisco. Adjunct Teaching Faculty, California School for Professional Psychology. Founder and Director, Collaborative Medicine Center, Mill Valley, CA. Co-Director, Academy for Guided Imagery, Mill Valley, CA. Author of Healing Yourself – A Step by Step Program for Better Health Through Imagery.

Dr. Greg Salyer – Ph.D., Literary Theory, Contemporary Literature, and Religious Studies from Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts.

Tom Sannar, J.D. – University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. Author of over 20 books and pamphlets relating to Science of Mind and Spirit.

Mark Robert Waldman, B.A. – University of California, Santa Cruz. Adjunct Faculty, Executive MBA program, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. Columnist: “Science & Spirituality” for Science of Mind Magazine. Co-author of How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings by a Leading Neuroscientist, Born to Believe: God, Science, and the Origin of Ordinary and Extraordinary Beliefs.