Tuition Refund Policy for Withdrawals

Distance Education Course Refunds

Students may withdraw at any time by notifying the Administrative Registrar in writing (email, note, US mail) of his or her decision to withdraw from a course or from the program. If the student has not filled out a Request for Withdrawal form, the Administrative Registrar will forward that form to the student to be completed and returned. Any refunds will be calculated as of the date of receipt of the student’s initial notice to the Administrative Registrar.

If a student cancels within five days of signing the enrollment agreement, he/she receives a refund of all monies paid. If a student cancels after the five-day period, the application and enrollment fees are nonrefundable.

If a student decides to withdraw from a course after five business days, but before the end of the academic term, the student is to fill out and return to the Administrative Registrar a Withdrawal Request form, available in the Moodle Student Lounge. The tuition refund will be calculated as follows:

Percentage of Course Elapsed

Percentage of Course Tuition Returned to the Student*

Percentage of Course Tuition Retained by the Institution

Up to 10% 90%  10%
10% to 30% 75%  25%
30% to 50% 50%  50%
50% – 100% 0% 100%


All refunds are processed within 30 days of the withdrawal request. Example: If there are 10 lessons in a 3-credit hour distance education course and a student completes 1 lesson: 1 divided by 10 = 10% completed. Thus: $525.00 x .90 = $472.50 to be refunded. 

*The one-time program application fee ($75) and program enrollment fee ($200) are non-refundable.

Under certain circumstances, the entire amount of the tuition may be refundable. The reason(s) for withdrawal are supplied on the Withdrawal Request and a decision made by the student’s advisor and the President or Provost of Holmes Institute.

Payment: Payment in full is due for all courses at time of registration.