Tuition Refund Policy for Withdrawals

 Distance Education Course Refunds

Students may withdraw from the program at any time and in any manner. If a student cancels within five days of signing the enrollment agreement, he/she receives a refund of all tuition. The application and enrollment fees are nonrefundable.

To withdraw from a course, the student is to fill out and return to the Administrative Registrar a Withdrawal Request form, available in the Moodle Student Lounge. If a student decides to withdraw from a course within the first five days after the close of the applicable registration period, the student will receive a full refund of tuition for that course. After the five business days, but before the end of the academic term, the tuition refund will be calculated as follows:


Percentage of Course Elapsed

Percentage of Course Tuition Returned to the Student*

Percentage of Course Tuition Retained by the Institution

Up to 10% 90%  10%
10% to 30% 75%  25%
30% to 50% 50%  50%
50% – 100% 0% 100%


All refunds are processed within 30 days of the withdrawal request. Example: If there are 10 lessons in a 3-credit hour distance education course and a student completes 1 lesson: 1 divided by 10 = 10% completed. Thus: $525.00 x .90 = $472.50 to be refunded. 

*The one-time program application fee ($75) and program enrollment fee ($200) are non-refundable.

Under certain circumstances, the entire amount of the tuition may be refundable. The reason(s) for withdrawal are supplied on the Withdrawal Request and a decision made by the student’s advisor and the President or Provost of Holmes Institute.

Payment: Payment in full is due for all courses at time of registration.