When student grievances arise, students should first contact the persons directly involved in order to seek a solution. Any grievances should be handled in a professional manner. Direct and responsible communication with the faculty and staff is expected. If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, students may then contact the Manager of Holmes Institute. If a satisfactory solution is not reached at this level, the student may appeal in writing to the President of Holmes Institute. If the student is still not satisfied that his or her grievance is handled satisfactorily, he or she may contact the Distance Education Accrediting Commission at www.deac.org and/or, the Colorado Department of Higher Education at http://highered.colorado.gov.

Utah students may find the link to file a grievance at https://rules.utah.gov/publicat/code/r152/r152-34a.htm#T4. Alaska students: the program is exempt from authorization under AS 14.48 and 20 AAC 17.015 because the program is online or distance delivered and does not have a physical presence in the state.