The Call to Spiritual Leadership is a Call to a State of Being

Welcome to the Holmes Institute website. This unique program is dedicated to educating spiritual leaders through an extraordinary distance education program in Consciousness Studies in the areas of education, leadership, philosophy, science and spirituality, psychology, and religion.

You will find your experience at the Holmes Institute School of Consciousness Studies unlike any other path you have ever traveled. Prepare to immerse yourself in the great spiritual, philosophical, and scientific teachings of the world.

Our Programs

Certificate in Spiritual Education

The accredited Certificate in Spiritual Education is designed to introduce fundamental concepts and selected topics in consciousness studies. This 10-course curriculum prepares students to teach and apply consciousness studies for use in everyday life and in spiritual community with an emphasis on developing the skills of spiritual leadership.

Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies

The accredited Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies offers a wide-ranging exploration of historical and contemporary consciousness studies. In this 18-course curriculum, students learn and apply the insights of consciousness studies to their personal lives and to leadership in the spiritual community.


What you will learn

Spiritual Leaders who study at the Holmes Institute become conversant with a wide variety of topics including the metaphysical tradition of New Thought. You will have the opportunity to become knowledgeable about Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Kabbalah and Philosophy. In addition to studies in education and leadership, you will learn about how psychology and science relate to spirituality.