Holmes Institute Consciousness Studies Programs

Holmes Institute Consciousness Studies Programs

Holmes Institute Consciousness Studies Programs Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and Certificate in Spiritual Education Both of these programs were created to train students of all spiritual traditions for leadership in spiritual communities throughout the world. Spiritual Leaders who study at the Holmes Institute are expected to be conversant with a wide variety of topics including the metaphysical tradition of New Thought and the philosophers who formed the foundation for this spiritual path. You will have the opportunity to become knowledgeable about Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sufism, Kabbalah and Classical Philosophy. In addition to studies in education and leadership, you will learn about humanistic psychology, learning theory, and the latest scientific thinking that relates to spirituality.

Both the accredited 18 course Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies and the accredited 10 course Certificate in Spiritual Education include the study of the great wisdom of the world. Students study the
1. world’s great religions,
2. philosophy,
3. psychology,
4. science and spirituality,
5. leadership
6. and education.

The Holmes Institute provides students with the opportunity to study with current experts in these six disciplines so that they, too, can experience the great wisdom of the world.

Through these studies they learn to do the same kind of synthesis of this great wisdom and universal spiritual principles that Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, synthesized into a philosophy, faith, and a way of life.

Holmes Institute is owned by the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) which is the overall organization that spreads the philosophy, the faith and the way of life of Science of Mind throughout the world through its centers and other affiliated organizations.

Holmes Institute distance education programs provide the academic foundation for spiritual leadership in a series of distance delivered theoretical courses offered by internationally known professors.

Distance Education courses are typically comprised of ten one hour lectures on MP3’s and one video, required textbooks, and two or three telephone conferences with the professor. These courses require one or two written essays and exams. Generally students take two or three of these courses per term.

Proctored, written exams in each area of study will be completed at the completion of the Masters in Consciousness Studies and Certificate in Spiritual Education coursework.

The Holmes Institute® has an enrollment policy that allows students to enter the program at the beginning of any term. Their successful completion of the interview with admissions is the date by which they are eligible to begin taking courses.

1. Have an earned, accredited Bachelor’s Degree with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher. If this degree was earned in another country, have documentation showing that this degree program is equivalent to those approved by the United States Department of Education.
2. Two letters of recommendation from your academic background, your employer or work associates, or your minister/mentor.
3. If English is not the applicant’s first language, have documentation of passing the TOEFEL with a minimum of 530.


Having a basic computer literacy and the skills to communicate with others on the Internet are required of all entering students. All entering students must have regular access to e-mail and have a dedicated e-mail address to fully participate in their program of study. All students must have access to a web browser to access the Holmes Institute Class and Student Portal administered by Holmes Institute Moodle Learning Management System, which is the structure through which all distance courses are delivered. Chrome is the recommended web browser. All courses utilize the news forums. All courses also regularly utilize e-mail with the faculty, the Holmes Institute and other students throughout the academic year.

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