Student Identity Verification Policy

Student Identity Verification Policy


Student verification begins with the initial contact between the student and the administrative registrar. The administrative registrar checks the main Holmes Institute database to see if the potential student is a constituent. If the student is listed, a notation is made in their file that they are a Holmes Institute applicant and which program they are interested in entering.

If there is no listing of the student, the administrative registrar creates a user profile based on information provided by either telephone, email or receipt of an application into the database which creates an individual constituent number. This number plus a specific program code is used to verify that all registration transactions are added into the student’s specific file.

The application packet requires that students submit a photograph and a copy of a government-issued photo identification for their file. This may consist of either a photo of a state-issued driver’s license or passport information page.


Students are required to fill out a Graduate Exam Declaration Form which includes their Name and 5 Driver’s License Digits. Once this information is received by the administrative registrar a new user profile is created in Moodle that is a combination of the name and driver’s license digits and a specific password. The students are provided this information before testing begins. When the student logs in with this combination of data they then have access to program-specific exams.

Students are required to have a proctor while taking the exams. The student provides the proctor with a government issued document. The proctor includes the document identification number on the required Holmes Institute, Senior Modular Exams, Confidentiality Agreement. Once the modular examinations are completed the proctor submits this form to the administrative registrar.